Another car I have is a black Ford Eco Sport manufactured in 2015. This SUV is designed to roam many different kinds of terrain. It looks stylish, macho, and robust. Powered by 1.499 litre engine, this car feels strong and yet still economical in terms of gas consumption. Well, if you travel through the city with its notorious traffic jam, it registers only 1:12, but when you whizz out of town, it becomes  a little improved with 1:16.

Unlike Livina (check out my previous review), Ford Eco Sport is a 5-seater car. Thus, it can only take 4 passengers and 1 driver.


A lot of hi-tech is planted into this car, one of which is the ignition system. Unlike many other cars, this car doesnt need us to insert the ignition key and turn it to get the egine started. You start it by pushing a small button just beside the steering wheel. When pushing the button, you have to make sure that the ignition key lies just nearby (usually in your pocket or in your handbag that you put beside the driver’s seat).  If the ignition key is apart more than 1 meter from the car, pushing the button wont get the engine started.

When turning off the engine, just push the button again. When locking the doors, push a small black square button on the right front door’s handle. Again, always make sure that the ignition key is nearby.

This step is a little confusing for those who are used to driving regular cars. Screwing up the procedure may run the risk of being locked inside the car, or leaving the car unlocked. In the latter case, a thief may enter your car and, though unable to get it started, can still take awaya all the belongings you leave in the car.

Another modern feature is the automatic sensors inside the front windshield, which operates the wipers when drops of water wet the windshield. This car also features a convertible roof which your kid driving with you can open and poke his or her head outside just to get some fresh air.

Inside the steering wheel it’s got an air bag and an alarm which keeps sounding the alert if you or the passenger beside you forgets to buckle up. Sure, you, for some reason, probably insist on driving without the seatblets on, but the alarm will constantly whine to remind you that you are skipping a safety procedure.

The car pampers your ears with  a sound system which you can operate by voice command. It  can even receive and obey your voice commands to change the CD track, read sms, or make a phone call.

The downside of this car lies in the acceleration. Unlike Livina, Ford Eco Sport feels rather reluctant to jump when the accelerator is pushed. I have no idea why that is the case. Another downside is the seating which feels rather clumsy and rigid.  At least, compared to Livina, sitting inside a Ford Eco is not as comfortable as sitting inside a Livina. Whether that  is because the seats are less cushy, or the materials are too hard, I have no idea.

Another weakness that should be taken into serious consideration is the withdrawal of Ford Company from Indonesia in the middle of 2016. True, they announced that the after sales service will still be available and so are the spare parts, but I doubt if that lasts long enough.  So, all in all, this stylish car is an option if you like driving a robust car, but just be cautious of the availaiability of the spare parts.